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5 Easy Ways to Improve your English

1. Watch TV in English

This is so easy to do. Change the language to English and put the subtitles in English too. If it is too difficult at the start, put the subtitles in your language but keep the sound in English. You will notice that it gets a lot easier very quickly.

2. Change your phone settings to English

Why haven’t you done this already? It takes 10 seconds. Go to settings and change language to English, Don’t believe me? Do it now! I’m not saying that you will learn a lot more with this, but seeing English words everyday on your phone will help reinforce the words in your head meaning you won’t forget them.

3. Follow people you like on Insta/Twitter ... but in English

Do you have a favourite American or British (or any other native speaker) celebrity? Follow them on your favourite social media platform to see what they’re saying. This is a great way to learn current words and fashionable phrases that everybody is using.

4. Translate songs

When you’re walking down the street and listening to your new favourite song, why don’t you look to see what the lyrics mean? This is sometimes a bad idea too because maybe it’s not what you were expecting. But at least you can dance to the real words!

5. Sign up for an online course with us

If you do all of the above then you will make good progress. What’s next? Signing up for a class at and we will help you feel even more confident with your English.